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Maybe Daily Episode 27: Ideas over Labels

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 27. In today’s episode I will share some thoughts about labels we tend to impose on people and how these are used to dismiss ideas especially when they shouldn’t be.

Also I announce in this the launch of the NaggerNation brand where you can get 15% off anything with the code MAYBE15. If you wish to buy at least two items you can use the code MAYBE20 for 20% off. Enjoy these promos at through all of November.

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PDW Episode 8: Luigi and Bruno

First episode of the year and first episode since moving out. In this episode 8, I receive Luigi and Bruno from Vital Haven, a lifestyle company oriented towards health. I find quite funny that this episode is the first one with only male guests comes out on Women’s day 2020. We talked about a fair range of topics from crazy ex-girlfriends to the environment and women’s rights. Please don’t be angry that we mention billionaires philanthropists as well and the guys’ joint business venture. This episode was recorded on the evening of February 27th before Bruno cooked some carbonara for everyone. I had a great time and hope you will too. Also, this episode is brought to you by CoinzProfit ( which you can download on the AppStore for free. Enjoy the episode!

PDW Episode 7: Joshua Dooms

This episode 7 is a direct sequel to episode 6 where I had a conversation with Gilda about a variety of topics, she will still be with us today alongside
Joshua Dooms a very talented software engineer I had the pleasure to work with for a few months. No topics barred, just an honest mature conversation and drinks. A great, fun conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. We recorded this episode during the afternoon of October 26th, 2019. Hope you enjoy it.

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The Rumble Channel outgrew the Youtube channel

Hello everyone, long time since the last post. I haven’t been super active but still dropping episodes on the regular-ish. Funnily enough, the previous episode was about getting 100 views on one Youtube video and since then I dropped YouTube to try more alt-tech solutions like Minds and Rumble. Now

First video to 100 views on YouTube! Thank you!

First video to 100 views we did it! Hi everyone, since Maybe Daily started I opted for not sharing any episode with my social circle and only get organic listeners that might enjoy the content. I wanted to do it before MD but this time was the perfect occasion to