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PDW Episode 9: Eliana Triggiani

Today’s episode 9 is brought to you by nobody except myself. In this episode, I have what I believe is a very interesting conversation with the powerful and empowering Eliana Triggiani. The bulk of our discussion focuses on the perception of reality and the role you have in shaping it. There is definitely a thing or two anyone can pick up from this. If you are new to the show this is the episode you should start with. It might be the last episode with a guest before a while that all that COVID-19 nonsense out there. I hope you’ll enjoy it and when you’re done feel free to check out the past episodes. Another thing you can do, only if you’re a woman, is checking out that travellers group that Eliana created, Women Local Travel Friends (TripOp):

PDW Episode 8: Luigi and Bruno

First episode of the year and first episode since moving out. In this episode 8, I receive Luigi and Bruno from Vital Haven, a lifestyle company oriented towards health. I find quite funny that this episode is the first one with only male guests comes out on Women’s day 2020. We talked about a fair range of topics from crazy ex-girlfriends to the environment and women’s rights. Please don’t be angry that we mention billionaires philanthropists as well and the guys’ joint business venture. This episode was recorded on the evening of February 27th before Bruno cooked some carbonara for everyone. I had a great time and hope you will too. Also, this episode is brought to you by CoinzProfit ( which you can download on the AppStore for free. Enjoy the episode!

Maybe Daily with JD

Maybe Daily Episode 14: Making women sports great again

Welcome back to Maybe Daily episode 14. In today’s episode, I will talk about that executive order the newest US president signed and why it can make women sports entertaining again by making them more manly. You can’t make this up and I hope we will see some interesting developments out of this story. If they keep coming I’ll keep recording. Even if they don’t I’ll find something else to ramble about until I can have guests again.

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Maybe Daily Episode 13: Black lives matter

Welcome back to Maybe Daily episode 13. In today’s episode, we’re catching up. It’s been way too long since I published the last MD. Coming back on my recording schedule, it seems like episode 13 should have been about Kevin Hart. Looks like I wrote a draft and forgot about it. Him getting pulled off the Oscars, his new special, etc. However, this one may be more interesting for you to listen to as we tackle BLM. “Black lives matter”, a rallying cry to fight injustice especially against black people. Or so you’d think, however, black people seem to receive more abuse from BLM supporters than from the traditionally accepted racists with a different skin tone.

Interestingly enough, for the first time ever, I received what one would call racist abuse if it came from a white person. However, one would not call it racist because black people did it. I finally joined the BLM’ coons club alongside the likes of Kanye West, Candace Owens, Terry Crews and others. Not the worst club to be a part of when you consider the members. I will obviously wear this as a badge of honour until I die, or at least until I forget this ever happened, whichever comes first.

While it came from a place of hatred, these people inspired me not only to record a podcast months after the last one but also to a poem I recite at the end of the episode:

Black lives matter unless you think for yourself, no diversity of thought it’s sus
We have a dream where black, whites, latinos, chinese jump on our single think bus
We will chastise and shame if you don’t look nor think nor behave exactly like us
Making up a symbol to group a bunch of nothing, a gesture, any real help is surplus

People worried about matching their coats with a BLM sign to look good
Focusing their energy on getting attention rather than acting good
Something wicked this way came, shrieked and ruined everyone’s mood
Claiming to share a dream of equality while spitting where MLK stood

We don’t know one another, have no idea what each went through
Screaming, scratching away the hate seems so strong in you
Looking for answers, becoming a victim, these lies tricked you
This poison you drink, the poison you share, this will be the end of you

You missed the tolerance lesson we all got from Lilo & Stitch
Going around talking such a big game but no-show on the pitch
You turn out to be the racist you claim to hate and that’s rich
Look in the mirror, my hair and my thoughts are my own, bitch

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First video to 100 views on YouTube! Thank you!

First video to 100 views we did it! Hi everyone, since Maybe Daily started I opted for not sharing any episode with my social circle and only get organic listeners that might enjoy the content. I wanted to do it before MD but this time was the perfect occasion to

The Youtube channel is live!

Technically I created the Youtube channel back when episode 4 came out but haven’t been sharing a lot about it. I do find interesting how differently episodes perform between downloads through podcast clients and Youtube views. For example, if I take episode 4, combining the views and downloads it becomes