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PDW Episode 9: Eliana Triggiani

Today’s episode 9 is brought to you by nobody except myself. In this episode, I have what I believe is a very interesting conversation with the powerful and empowering Eliana Triggiani. The bulk of our discussion focuses on the perception of reality and the role you have in shaping it. There is definitely a thing or two anyone can pick up from this. If you are new to the show this is the episode you should start with. It might be the last episode with a guest before a while that all that COVID-19 nonsense out there. I hope you’ll enjoy it and when you’re done feel free to check out the past episodes. Another thing you can do, only if you’re a woman, is checking out that travellers group that Eliana created, Women Local Travel Friends (TripOp):

PDW Episode 8: Luigi and Bruno

First episode of the year and first episode since moving out. In this episode 8, I receive Luigi and Bruno from Vital Haven, a lifestyle company oriented towards health. I find quite funny that this episode is the first one with only male guests comes out on Women’s day 2020. We talked about a fair range of topics from crazy ex-girlfriends to the environment and women’s rights. Please don’t be angry that we mention billionaires philanthropists as well and the guys’ joint business venture. This episode was recorded on the evening of February 27th before Bruno cooked some carbonara for everyone. I had a great time and hope you will too. Also, this episode is brought to you by CoinzProfit ( which you can download on the AppStore for free. Enjoy the episode!

Maybe Daily with JD

Maybe Daily Episode 12: So-called Justice Warriors

Welcome back to Maybe Daily episode 12. In today’s episode, we’re catching up. It’s been 58 days since I published the last MD. Originally, I planned to title it something like “58 days later” or “58 days of craziness” or some like that. Then while recording I slipped saying “so-called justice warriors” instead of “social justice warriors” and stuck to it throughout. Really, that’s what they are. Not building anything up, ready to tear everything down and for what? Obviously, I’m a very diverse guy so there will be quite a few different topics from the latest French Classique to JK Rowling’s latest adventures.

Maybe Daily Episode 11: Unsurprising mask rant

Welcome back to Maybe Daily episode 11. Unscripted mask rant, I don’t know that I’ll want to talk about masks more after this one. If you wonder where I sit when it comes to masks around COVID-19, this is the definitive episode. From now on, every time someone asks me about masks I’ll just send them this episode link. I’m just tired of these fruitless debates with fruit loops junkies that believe they detain the truth. Be healthy, binge junk food, whatever rolls your boat is yours to do. Doesn’t mean I have to agree or disagree with either. Yes, this summary doesn’t give many clues about the thoughts I have around COVID but the episode does. So go and listen/watch it. Come on, I wouldn’t want you to just guess the episode from a description and spout nonsense linked to my name. If you intend to do that, the least you can do is boost my downloads/views so that you know what you’re talking about. That being said, enjoy the episode and I’ll talk to you next time.

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First video to 100 views on YouTube! Thank you!

First video to 100 views we did it! Hi everyone, since Maybe Daily started I opted for not sharing any episode with my social circle and only get organic listeners that might enjoy the content. I wanted to do it before MD but this time was the perfect occasion to

The Youtube channel is live!

Technically I created the Youtube channel back when episode 4 came out but haven’t been sharing a lot about it. I do find interesting how differently episodes perform between downloads through podcast clients and Youtube views. For example, if I take episode 4, combining the views and downloads it becomes