Giada Migliavacca

Giada was the first guest of the People + Drink = Words podcast, recorded in the evening of May 8th, 2019. Giada joined the podcast to discuss her travelling experiences from Italy to the UK. She also lived for some time in Berlin and Miami. As the first guest ever she is also the first person to drink from Unnamed Blue Bottle on the show.

In 2012, on a cold day of spring, as Milzano has them, she packed her luggage to live a life of adventures. Adventures to expand her horizons and open her mind. She worked in a few different positions allowing her to live in these locations. Indeed she worked as an au pair and a nanny taking care of children while discovering new cultures. During her first journey in London she even discovered the joys of working for McDonalds. On top of that the ultra filled flat shares with dodgy flatmates had reason of her and she went back to Italy to recharge a few months.

After that Milanese hiatus she headed to Berlin where she realised her enjoyment of learning foreign languages. That thirst for learning drove her back to London where she joined a university and studied foreign languages. Once she graduated from her Bachelor of Arts she dropped the childcare world to move to her original passion, travel. She since has been working in the travel industry first supporting international teams. Now she organises luxury travels for glamourous world citizens.

You can listen to her discussing her experiences in the first episode which you can find on this website or wherever you find your podcasts. If you want to hear more from Giada, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section. Also feel free to follow her adventures on Instagram at @gdmglvcc.

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