A few weeks ago I received Joyce Peters for the first time on the third instalment of the PDW. If you listened to the episode you know that we recorded in the middle of a hot Saturday afternoon hence the cold beer start. Eventually, we did move onto the whisky both on and off the rocks.

I met Joyce about five years ago as we worked for the same startup within TechHub London. Actually, to this day, I believe that common experience played a part in forging us into who we are today. I remember then during one of our beer Friday as she tested the idea of getting into a room to smash things with our team then. Even though I remember thinking it would be a cool concept but that didn’t travel in my mind further than an idea.

Flash forward maybe three years and she made that idea a reality. She still works a day job but takes her time to plan and build her business day in, day out. One can only admire that. Too many people would think about all the reasons they cannot do anything. I will be too tired to go to the gym. I need heaps of money to start a business. Nobody will care if I start a podcast. We make too many excuses. We keep looking for reasons not to invest ourselves into projects because we fear what happens if we fail.

Sometimes you just gotta jump and see what happens. I believe that it is a far greater risk not to take a chance than to try and fail. When you fail, you learn and improve. When find reasons not to try, you remain in your comfort zone for sure, but you risk ending up not doing something you truly enjoy. Joyce loves her marketing job which helps her being great at it. Add to her ability passion and discipline plus a fair investment of time and you get the Wreck Room. A place where we can smash items, even bring your own, with a bad-ass soundtrack for a competitive fee.

If there is anything to retain it is that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Go write that book, start that blog, create your YouTube channel, start Kendo, create a business or whatever floats your boat. And most importantly, do it for yourself and if it happens to work for others it’s just a bonus. Just inspire yourself like a Joyce Peters and make life your playground.

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