pdw episode 7


This episode 7 is a direct sequel to episode 6 where I had a conversation with Gilda about a variety of topics, she will still be with us today alongside Joshua Dooms a very talented software engineer I had the pleasure to work with for a few months. No topics barred, just an honest mature conversation and drinks. A great, fun conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. We recorded this episode during the afternoon of October 26th, 2019 right after episode 6. As we didn’t actually stop recording. Hope you enjoy it.


Episode 7 is the second episode where we feature off-screen cocktails aside from the cover bottle. The cover bottle is a JB blend, one would say whisky, others would say scotch, I’ll just have it. Quite enjoyed the taste. It’s technically episode 6.5 so basically the same drinks for Josh as for Gilda.


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