pdw episode 9


Today’s episode 9 is brought to you by nobody except myself. In this episode, I have what I believe is a very interesting conversation with the powerful and empowering Eliana Triggiani. The bulk of our discussion focuses on the perception of reality and the role you have in shaping it. There is definitely a thing or two anyone can pick up from this. If you are new to the show this is the episode you should start with. It might be the last episode with a guest before a while that all that COVID-19 nonsense out there. I hope you’ll enjoy it and when you’re done feel free to check out the past episodes. Another thing you can do, only if you’re a woman, is checking out that travellers group that Eliana created, Women Local Travel Friends (TripOp): https://www.facebook.com/groups/717077248676645/


There was a bottle of champagne laying around so we only drank that throughout the episode. Etienne Dumont, I believe, and yes it was good. No sponsoring from them but hey maybe someday I’ll be churning an episode per week with a 30-episode exclusive boozing deal with Ciroc. A man can dream of free booze. Until then this will be a hobby, still involving some work but a hobby still.


Shoutouts from the episode:

Women Local Travel Friends (TripOp): https://www.facebook.com/groups/717077248676645/

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