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Technically I created the Youtube channel back when episode 4 came out but haven’t been sharing a lot about it. I do find interesting how differently episodes perform between downloads through podcast clients and Youtube views. For example, if I take episode 4, combining the views and downloads it becomes the most popular episode overall. However, counting only the downloads it falls to 5th place.

Episodes prior to 4 didn’t pull views much but it is understandable as these did not have videos and yet the Giada & Joyce episodes, 1 and 3 respectively, are in the top 3 of downloads. Eliana’s episode 9 just snuck in 3rd and is seemingly on course to top all charts. Overall while on the downloads side the podcast is now garnering a fair amount of regular listeners. I genuinely didn’t believe anyone would want to listen to the crazy put in each episode.

I try to bring in unique people with their own perspective on the world to try and spread ideas. Despite the sometimes serious topics that we discuss I also try to bring in guests that won’t make you swing at the end of a rope. I am hoping to reach a point where this show can help you reflect and laugh at the same time. If this helps you grow in your journey in any way then this will be a big plus so let me know if that happens.

Why this post? The Youtube views are on the low side at the moment and I don’t want to spend ad money to make it grow. I want the people that already subscribe to this to have a look at the visual. This could improve your experience of the podcast and maybe you will find it funnier and/or connect better with us.

Once more, thank you guys for listening to the show and check out the episodes you haven’t listened to yet. Don’t hesitate to leave reviews on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and like on Youtube/Facebook. Feel free to share the podcast with your friends, family, and pets. It helps with the algorithms a great deal and maybe people that need to listen will all thanks to you. See you in the next episode!

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