Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 2. Yes, I am still on that new Maybe Daily experiment, throwing in some reminders and PSAs about how life is still somewhat good and things could be worse. We could have been Anne Frank in the 1940s.

My voice will sound weird because I messed up the recording channels and the fixes altered my voice a bit. Still in this to learn so that’s cool. Hope you enjoy and share with your people. Peace and food to you.

Note that I badly explain who Anne Frank is but hopefully get enough across your mind to find out more about her story. You can also have a look at the Anne Frank Foundation website if you want better quality information. Here is the link:

Also here is the Instagram meme page I was referencing, la bara ballerina. Sound in italian for most but you can enjoy the memes without caring about what’s said.


You can also listen to more People + Drink = Words content here or at:

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