maybe daily episode 12 so-called justice warriors


Welcome back to Maybe Daily episode 12. In today’s episode, we’re catching up. It’s been 58 days since I published the last MD. Originally, I planned to title it something like “58 days later” or “58 days of craziness” or some like that. Then while recording I slipped saying “so-called justice warriors” instead of “social justice warriors” and stuck to it throughout. Really, that’s what they are. Not building anything up, ready to tear everything down and for what? Obviously, I’m a very diverse guy so there will be quite a few different topics from the latest French Classique to JK Rowling’s latest adventures.

Even though it’s not great that we have a meh world to deal with, at least we can rely on our actions. They try to chip that away but we should not let that happen. If you think differently, feel free to comment in the post, on the video or @ me on Twitter.

Despite how long it’s been since last time I enjoy recording and will try to be more diligent with planning these. That being said, I hope you enjoy the episode.


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