Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 19. Months passed so this one starts with a tiny life update before jumping in between Likewise’s cheeks. Likewise, formerly known as Brightstar is an insurance company providing phone insurance among other things. They serve as providers for Barclays, Vodafone and Natwest among others.

The story is crazy and drives the rant through the whole episode so I won’t spoil it here considering I went without a script. But don’t you always go without script JD? I hear you say. Well, yes but this one does that even harder. No notes, just nigh raw unfiltered ranting. Hope you’ll appreciate it and hope to see you soon.


Through the episode, I mention what happened, but you can check out the blog post born from these shenanigans you can check it out here. It focuses on how I got back to my PinePhone experiment right here:

Likewise reviews page with the first review I read in the episode:

More reviews under their former name and it’s a gift that keeps on giving:

You can also listen to more People + Drink = Words content here or at:

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