Hello everyone, long time since the last post. I haven’t been super active but still dropping episodes on the regular-ish. Funnily enough, the previous episode was about getting 100 views on one Youtube video and since then I dropped YouTube to try more alt-tech solutions like Minds and Rumble. Now all of my content is posted primarily on these platforms.

The audio episodes still drop on Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts. While no podcast video got 100 views on Rumble yet I’ve got a more stable viewership of around 30-40 viewers/episode as opposed to an under-10 average on YT. At least for the Maybe Daily episodes, the interviews always had good numbers.

Things will improve now that we’ve got a strong and stable viewership on Rumble. I’m pretty glad about what I’ve put out there so far, I just need to build a regular habit of recording and publishing episodes.

Thank you for reading and go check out the Rumble channel. Then if you like what you see there, go further and subscribe.

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