The Rumble Channel outgrew the Youtube channel

Hello everyone, long time since the last post. I haven’t been super active but still dropping episodes on the regular-ish. Funnily enough, the previous episode was about getting 100 views on one Youtube video and since then I dropped YouTube to try more alt-tech solutions like Minds and Rumble. Now

First video to 100 views on YouTube! Thank you!

First video to 100 views we did it! Hi everyone, since Maybe Daily started I opted for not sharing any episode with my social circle and only get organic listeners that might enjoy the content. I wanted to do it before MD but this time was the perfect occasion to

The Youtube channel is live!

Technically I created the Youtube channel back when episode 4 came out but haven’t been sharing a lot about it. I do find interesting how differently episodes perform between downloads through podcast clients and Youtube views. For example, if I take episode 4, combining the views and downloads it becomes

Joyce Peters: the mind behind Wreck Room

A few weeks ago I received Joyce Peters for the first time on the third instalment of the PDW. If you listened to the episode you know that we recorded in the middle of a hot Saturday afternoon hence the cold beer start. Eventually, we did move onto the whisky