Where to go for episodes?

There are several ways to listen to our podcast. When publishing a new episode you can instantly see it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or even here. Currently, Google Music does not allow podcasts outside the US or Canada but we will be there when they do. However, if you have a custom podcast player that supports RSS feeds you can add this link to it directly. That way you can get all the latest episodes to listen as soon as we release them. We also have a Youtube channel where you can watch our guests from episode 4 onwards.

youtube channel
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If none of the aforementioned ways are available to you, you can still listen to the PDW on this website. On one hand, we publish all episodes here first. On the other, the website player is compatible with all browsers (that we checked). Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, we cater to all your preferences, come as you are and give us a listen.

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Listen to new episodes on our web player

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Also, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get notified of the latest episodes. We plan on sharing behind the scenes content on these accounts. Don’t hesitate to like and share episodes you like so we know how you feel.

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Send us suggestions for the people and drinks you want to see featured on the podcast. In order to do so just tweet at us or send an email at contact@peopledrinkwords.com. Obviously, suggestions can go further than that as publishing a video format of the podcast or live streaming from a venue. Your imagination is the limit. Just let us know, we have fairly open minds.

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