PDW Episode 2 : Alabama abortion law

Today’s episode is an experiment. Had some time and opinions to spare with a rose to finish. In this first guest-free episode where I will be airing some thoughts starting with the new abortion law passed in Alabama earlier this week. From that point I go to a few different places but try not to stray too far away from the central topic.

PDW Episode 1 : Giada Migliavacca

Discussing with Giada about her experience living across the world from Milzano to Miami, Berlin, London around some gin. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @gdmglvcc. Giada is the first guest of the People + Drink = Words podcast, recorded in the evening of May 8th, 2019. As the first guest ever she is also the first person to gin from Unnamed Blue Bottle on the show. She joined to discuss her mind opening experiences.