Maybe Daily Episode 27: Ideas over Labels

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 27. In today’s episode I will share some thoughts about labels we tend to impose on people and how these are used to dismiss ideas especially when they shouldn’t be.

Also I announce in this the launch of the NaggerNation brand where you can get 15% off anything with the code MAYBE15. If you wish to buy at least two items you can use the code MAYBE20 for 20% off. Enjoy these promos at through all of November.

Maybe Daily Episode 24: Thankful I’m not a killer

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 24. In today’s episode, we will talk about enjoying life, crackheads interrupting your life and governments taking too much money from us without giving much in return.

If some words like crackhead hurt you it is definitely a “you” problem and you should stop being a crackhead while you’re still alive.

You can still go and check out the archive of my first radio appearance on the “Censorship sucks roundtable radio” right here.

Maybe Daily Episode 23: Making bodily autonomy great again!

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 23. In today’s episode we will talk about bodily autonomy which people suddenly remembered. Interestingly enough, lots of folks just remembered what woman means. No more made-up prefixes like “cis”. I like that.

What I like less is any government getting involved with people’s business. The episode goes into more detail on that. I am happy to be one of the few who remained consistent over the past couple of years on people’s right to decide what can go inside or outside of their bodies.

I’m just saying clumps of words, if some words hurt you it feels like it’s a “you” problem.

You can still go and check out the archive of my first radio appearance on the “Censorship sucks roundtable radio” right here. Also, feel free to check out my previous episode on the subject which while technically a PDW episode it really was the original Maybe Daily. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Maybe Daily Episode 22: Now that’s just bad storytelling

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 22. In today’s episode we delve into a story I came across which feels oddly representative of the current youth. It has all the hallmarks of terrible storytelling.

The story does serve to make some parallels to real life and how we behave as a society. This is not a rant episode despite the ranty tone at times. I’m just saying words, if some words hurt you it feels like it’s a “you” problem.

Maybe Daily Episode 21: Faker than Victor Newman

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 21. It’s pretty much a coming of age episode, the first legal one. At least in the US where our hero of the day Victor Newman is from. And yet he is fake, like so many narratives getting pushed upon us but let’s take things lightly. No reason not to chill. See nonsense? Point at it, laugh, then move on. Makes life so much easier. And no this isn’t the message of this episode so you still have to listen.

Maybe Daily Episode 20: A short Londoner rant

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 20. Not quite publishing daily but still better than a half-year gap as the last episode came out last week. In this one, I’m ranting about a letter I received from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, mostly because the only thing I trust from it is that we will pay more taxes.

I also mention trying to hold my swearing a bit to prepare a live radio appearance which happened later that evening. The show is called “Censorship Sucks Roundtable Radio Show” from February 9th, 2022. I don’t have the archive of the episode yet but will share it on the website when I get it.

That being said I hope you enjoy this episode and check out my first ever radio appearance.

Maybe Daily Episode 19: Likewise Brightstar, likewise

Welcome to Maybe Daily episode 19. Months passed so this one starts with a tiny life update before jumping in between Likewise’s cheeks. Likewise, formerly known as Brightstar is an insurance company providing phone insurance among other things. They serve as providers for Barclays, Vodafone and Natwest among others.

The story is crazy and drives the rant through the whole episode so I won’t spoil it here considering I went without a script. But don’t you always go without script JD? I hear you say. Well, yes but this one does that even harder. No notes, just nigh raw unfiltered ranting. Hope you’ll appreciate it and hope to see you soon.