PDW Episode 8: Luigi and Bruno

First episode of the year and first episode since moving out. In this episode 8, I receive Luigi and Bruno from Vital Haven, a lifestyle company oriented towards health. I find quite funny that this episode is the first one with only male guests comes out on Women’s day 2020. We talked about a fair range of topics from crazy ex-girlfriends to the environment and women’s rights. Please don’t be angry that we mention billionaires philanthropists as well and the guys’ joint business venture. This episode was recorded on the evening of February 27th before Bruno cooked some carbonara for everyone. I had a great time and hope you will too. Also, this episode is brought to you by CoinzProfit (http://coinzprofit.com/) which you can download on the AppStore for free. Enjoy the episode!

PDW Episode 7: Joshua Dooms

This episode 7 is a direct sequel to episode 6 where I had a conversation with Gilda about a variety of topics, she will still be with us today alongside
Joshua Dooms a very talented software engineer I had the pleasure to work with for a few months. No topics barred, just an honest mature conversation and drinks. A great, fun conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. We recorded this episode during the afternoon of October 26th, 2019. Hope you enjoy it.

PDW Episode 6: Gilda Leicer

In episode 6, I spend some time discussing with Gilda a former colleague about life in general. From personal growth to challenges and occupations. We’ll also talk about her love of the circus training she takes on while we’re at it. I had loads of fun recording this and I hope you will have as much watching. We recorded this episode during the afternoon of October 26th, 2019. Episode 6 is the first episode where we feature off-screen cocktails aside from the cover bottle. The cover bottle is a JB blend, one would say whisky, others would say scotch, I’ll just have it. Quite enjoyed the taste. Gilda enjoyed some G&Ts and mojitos and others.

PDW Episode 5: Dmitri & Valeria

In this long-overdue episode 5, I sit down with TechHub alumni Dmitri Aleksejev and his girlfriend Valeria to chat about a bunch of things. From their Delicious Fitness venture to how they met including loads of random anecdotes. I had fun receiving them for a few hours and hope you will have as much listening despite some sound issues. If you want to know more about them you way go ahead and ask to follow them on Instagram at @modelcroissant and @lerity. Note that this episode 5 is the second video episode available on YouTube and first couple episode.

PDW Episode 4: QueenFarrahLondon

In episode 4, I will be discussing with Farrah about her experience in London. In case you are interested, you can follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter at @queenfarrahlondon. We recorded this episode during the afternoon of July 13th, 2019. This is the first video episode recorded and definitely not the last. Hope you enjoy it. You can watch the video on Youtube on our channel PeopleDrinkWords at https://youtu.be/r3MMfopbOcU.

PDW Episode 3: Joyce Peters

In this episode 3 I will be discussing with Joyce about various topics from women’s rights to death row last meals. However, we didn’t hesitate to take a bunch of detours leading us to summer fashion trends in the UK and personal development. Also, she is the founder of Wreck Room and you can check it out at www.wreckroom.co.uk or on Instagram at wreckroom_uk. As you will hear we had a great conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. The episode 3 is the first episode featuring whisky and to start off well we went for some whisky. A 10 year of age Glenmorangie grabbed a couple days earlier with some ice. Wreck Room: https://www.wreckroom.co.uk/

PDW Episode 2 : Alabama abortion law

Today’s episode is an experiment. Had some time and opinions to spare with a rose to finish. In this first guest-free episode where I will be airing some thoughts starting with the new abortion law passed in Alabama earlier this week. From that point I go to a few different places but try not to stray too far away from the central topic.

PDW Episode 1 : Giada Migliavacca

In this episode 1, I will be discussing with Giada about her experience living across the world from Milzano to Miami, Berlin, London around some gin. In case you are interested, you can follow her adventures on Instagram at @gdmglvcc. Giada is the first guest of the People + Drink = Words podcast, recorded in the evening of May 8th, 2019. As the first guest ever she is also the first person to gin from Unnamed Blue Bottle on the show. She joined me to discuss her mind opening experiences. We introduced gin as the first drink of the podcast as it is my favourite fiery liquid. Rumour has it that Giada was selected as first guest only because it is also her favourite. To bring balance to our glasses we had some elderflower tonic that helped cut down the sharpness of unnamed blue bottle. This is the story of how gin will forever the drink of episode 1.Giada’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gdmglvcc/