PDW Episode 1 : Giada Migliavacca

In this episode 1, I will be discussing with Giada about her experience living across the world from Milzano to Miami, Berlin, London around some gin. In case you are interested, you can follow her adventures on Instagram at @gdmglvcc. Giada is the first guest of the People + Drink = Words podcast, recorded in the evening of May 8th, 2019. As the first guest ever she is also the first person to gin from Unnamed Blue Bottle on the show. She joined me to discuss her mind opening experiences. We introduced gin as the first drink of the podcast as it is my favourite fiery liquid. Rumour has it that Giada was selected as first guest only because it is also her favourite. To bring balance to our glasses we had some elderflower tonic that helped cut down the sharpness of unnamed blue bottle. This is the story of how gin will forever the drink of episode 1.Giada’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gdmglvcc/